Graeme J. Walker

Collaborative Projects


A Lost Connection

Initiated in 2008, A Lost Connection is an on going collaboration with a series of 52 paintings by artist Colin Lawson titled 'A Lost Connection' (2008-2009), the paintings each measuring 12 x 11 cm & are inspired by the ambient work of muscians Marconi Union. A Lost Connection builds on the Cyclic project using digital file sharing to compose collaborative sequences of multi-media works that are directly informed by Lawson's intricately constructed painted surfaces.


A Lost Connection: Exposed Series - Blue Medium Bic Biro Studies 2014 - present



 A Lost Connection 9 - Mapping Pen Nib Studies 2011



A Lost Connection 3 & 4 - Blue Impega 0.5 Rollerball Studies 2009



A Lost Connection 19 - Staedtler Fine Liner Studies 2009











Cyclic 2007-2008

Cyclic is the first collaborative project between Colin Lawson and Graeme Walker. The project is an encounter between the disciplines of drawing and painting and an alliance of two distinct practices. Lawson and Walker first met at Edinburgh College of Art. It was there they came to realize their work manifested common attributes, notably a concern with system and medium.

Cyclic was initiated in 2007. Lawson selected a detail from one of his paintings. He photographed the area and formatted the resulting digital image to measure 12 x 11cm. The image was then emailed to Walker who printed it in colour. Walker placed a grid over the image and, working with Lawson's intricate surfaces, completed a drawing with the medium of his choice. Walker made a record of the data specific to the drawing (the medium used, the time it took to produce). The drawing was scanned and printed in colour. The resulting digital print is the final work. The digital medium acts as a neutral format comprising and presenting the alliance of these two practices. As Walker says to Lawson "it is neither yours nor mine".

The process was repeated for the duration of a year with Lawson emailing an image at the start of each month. Walker would respond with a single or multiple studies undertaken within that month.

Chanté St Clair Inglis


Original Image & Studies




November Image & Studies



December Image & Studies



January Study



February Image & Study



March Image & Studies



April Image & Study



May Image I / II & Studies



June Image & Studies



July Image & Study



August Image & Study



September Image & Study 



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